Saturday, July 12, 2008

The People: Outward Bound 22-day, John Wesley Powell course, 6/14-7/5 2008

Dave, the best Logistics Coordinator (LC) ever!

Lisa Mac was my primary mentor on my first course and is an amazing instructor!

Aram- I get to do all of my courses this summer with him, luckily I like him!

Sasquatch- the Course Director of my first JWP- awesome!

Confluence of the Green and the Yampa rivers

Katie Sadowski, another new instructor eating mulberries- yay!

Katie, Aram and I letting the students figure out who will carry the water.

Lisa saving Katie from an unfortunate pee experience

Solo food- yummy!!

Gotta love solo!!!

Rowing on the San Juan

Sunrise at the rim after hiking up the Honaker Trail

Our community

Mile 61 Ledges Camp on the San Juan

Government Rapid

Slickhorn Canyon oasis

Aram at the Clay Hill take out during sunrise

Monday, July 7, 2008

Indian Creek (May 22-25, 2008)


Camp at the big black rock?

South Six Shooter- the goal

The girls headed up to the base of South Six Shooter

The whole crew- thanks Monte for taking us up!!

Territa and I

Terra rappeling

Chris and Monte

It was great to see you girls!