Our Current Track

Faithful SPOT just doesn't work everywhere... So, instead, here is a map of our Winlink position reports (usually shows the last month or two of position reports) that we will send as we continue to move around. You can edit the map (zoom in or out to your heart's content or look with satellite background and/or roads).

And below is a map of our Yotreps reports (which we haven't been as good at using while cruising Mexico or the Hawaiian Islands, but it has a decent history of our passagemaking when we use Pac Sea Net reporting)... You can zoom out to see where Tao has been.

***DISCLAIMER: If our position hasn't updated in a while, assume that we are enjoying wherever we are and we'll update our position when we get moving again, don't worry. Thanks for checking in on us, Cheers!

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  1. Maui...so near and yet so far from Hawaii. Glad you made it and had a pleasant voyage over the tricky 30-nm crossing. Lots of new sites to explore and relay via a blog to we followers. Congrats!!