Sunday, July 19, 2009

Images of the Sea of Cortez

It's been a few weeks... After an awesome trip down the Main Salmon in Idaho together, currently Chris is working another combination trip on the Middle Fork/Main Salmon River and Shawn is in transit from Idaho to Berkeley via Corvallis Oregon.

Time to get your bowl of popcorn and join us in our 4 month tour of the Sea of Cortez. We've uploaded tons more photos to Shutterfly and put descriptions on each. The newly uploaded pictures follow our adventures northward from mid February in Cabo San Lucas up the inside coast of the Baja peninsula to just north of Bahia Concepcion and across the Sea to San Carlos in early June. Sharing these with you all is very special and we hope that you enjoy the ride. (

Over the next few months we hope to post reflections of our adventures as well as keep you posted on the current plans. Until then, be well...