Sunday, October 26, 2008

October update

We thought we would be able to update this blog more often. Let’s just say we’ll try to update at least once a month and if we get more in there, then it’ll be a nice surprise for everyone… We’ve been busy- installing the monitor wind vane, improving the HAM radio grounding, building the double surfboard rack, inventorying lines, moving the dock box gear aboard, replacing mast top lights, hanging the radar reflector, reorganizing the galley gear and our sailing and reading libraries, moving chain to balance the boat, and the list goes on. In the midst of this Shawn managed an amazing week long trip back east and was able to attend her best friend from high school, Leah’s, wedding as well as visit her entire family and the St. Lawrence River. October 15th came and we’re off! At least we’re closer to off. We’re less attached to land than ever, using this month to practice, practice, practice and tie up the millions of loose ends that seem to keep appearing. The new date to keep in mind is November 15th (plus whatever time is required for the appropriate weather window). And we’ll be heading out past the Golden Gate and taking a left (quite a way to celebrate your birthday, eh Mum?). Until then, we’re enjoying parts of the Bay that we haven’t yet visited and doing the pre-shake-down shake. That means trying out all of our systems; the anchor, the windlass, the dinghy, the monitor wind vane, the reefing lines, changing sails under way, heaving-to, maneuvering, docking… Whew, never a dull moment! We’ve got some pictures and stories to tell already, so we’ll get another post up quickly.

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