Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More Banderas Bay

After Shawn headed back north, Chris and Tao spent the last two weeks of April anchored in Punta de Mita. Nanu was also still anchored there, Lisa’s visit continued through the 23rd, and both Estrella and Caramelo made it up from La Cruz. Amidst a nice day sail out to Las Marietas with Whiz and Estrella for a day anchor, exploring natural sandstone caves along shore, seeing bluefooted boobies,

and visiting Pisces at the dock in La Cruz (and soon bound for Hawaii), Chris’ days revolved around surfing. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions at favorite surf spots: El Faro, La Bahia, La Llancha, and El Anclote were shared with Whiz, Eric, Rachel, Adam, Ryan and Kristina- whoever wanted to surf and fun was had by all.

And even Pisces (after doing the longest passage ever from La Cruz to Punta de Mita via Isla Soccoro) came into the anchorage for Chris’ 36th birthday celebration on April 30th (Thanks Team Young!).

As May dawned, Chris motivated to head back north toward San Carlos and plans with Shawn. Sunday, May 2nd, Tao weighed anchor and sailed 4.25 hours to La Cruz to re-provision for the northward trek. Four days later Chris sailed half way back to Punta de Mita and anchored off "Burros", a beautiful wave for an evening and morning of amazing surf. Thursday the 6th, after another 3-hrs of sailing, Tao again dropped her anchor in Punta de Mita. After a couple more days of surf and a trip to town to purchase a beautiful wave painting (by traveling painter/limo driver Tim Cowley), on Saturday the 8th, Tao, Nanu and Caramelo set sail for Chacala and forcast head high surf.

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