Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 24- frustration and anticipation

Time: 1700 Zulu (noon PV time)
Position: 19-deg 49-min N 151-deg 02-min W
Wind: NE 19-knots Seas: NE 5-ft
Avg. Course: 282 T Avg. Speed: 4.7-knots
Rig: triple-reefed main, 80% jib
24-hr distance traveled: 113-nm
Distance to Hilo: 228-nm

We realize that with highs come lows and we admittedly have had a few trying times on this voyage. But really, isn't part of the adventure overcoming the difficulties? In reality, we are both tired and run down, so life aboard does indeed have struggles. Yesterday Chris had a frustrating day watch as atop the constant roll (and a headache that wouldn't go away), winds varied between 10 to 25-knots, slacking enough to put the main partially then nearly all the way up, then filling in to the point he needed to pull a reef and then completely take it down again. It began to seem like a tortured game of pulling and shaking reefs book-ended by rolling rail to rail in the seas with such little canvas up each time the winds diminished. Shawn boosted spirits by making Chicken alfredo, sundried tomato, artichoke, pepperoni pizza and was rewarded by a mellow sunset shift. But then after a clear star filled (did we mention dry) graveyard watch for Chris, Shawn got to enjoy her tea in a continuous downpour as windy wet squall after squall (with frustratingly rolly lulls between them) passed overhead in the darkness. Each of us faces our own difficulties and challenges, yet still, we work hard to take every moment as it comes searching for the positive highlights throughout each day. In general, together we manage to turn most of our challenges into opportunities. That said, we continue to try to enjoy our last couple days of this passage to the fullest, but we have each found ourselves gazing westward in eager anticipation, hoping to be the first to glimpse our 14,000-ft volcanic destination.


  1. i really love the honesty here. of course it's nice to be able to see the positive in everything and recognize that the downs are all part of the journey, part of what makes you stronger, etc. but sometimes having no other recourse (because of lack of energy, or whatever) but to feel down about some things is just human. And to be looking ahead is not to undermine the "now"; the "now" can only be enjoyed because it is on the way to becoming something else. wish i could be there when you see that volcanic destination!

  2. You're almost there . . . what a journey . . . such experiences and such memories, both positive and negative . . . thanks for sharing your feelings . . . s-o-o-o-o-n! Thinking about you and loving you lots, Mum