Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunrises and Sunsets across the Pacific

This post is an attempt to share a select few of our favorite beautiful pictures and some of the notable highlights of our journey across the Pacific. Our goal was to share one sunrise and one sunset picture per day, the following is what we ended up with...

This first was only a half day (i.e. not awake for the sunrise) therefore, this is actually the full moon rise and sunset as we sailed out of Banderas Bay after the random wave found its way in our forward hatch (our fault for having it open) onto our carefully dried fruits and veggies... We managed to keep this celery alive and crisp for two weeks by placing them in fresh water like a floral arrangement.


Seasickness sucks, but Mexican sunrises and sets are gorgeous. We decided we must have been crossing a shipping lane between Central, South, and North America this day as several large cargo ships passed within our view.

Already noting that the sun is setting and rising later, we're moving west!


Continued upwind sailing and moved litter box to entice Grizzly inside (this didn't work and we finally moved it back into its normal spot, just removed the swinging door).


This was the long night (madrugada to be more specific, there is no word for the wee hours of the night in English) that we stood off Isla Soccoro waiting for the light of sunrise to allow us to approach the shore and anchor. The first image actually depicts the sunset as we approached the island the evening previous before we made the decision to stay. The second was our morning approach toward safe haven and naval base complete with war ships (the third image).


During our sleeping marathon, Shawn awoke to snap a shot of the sunrise and then immediately went back to bed. Underway again, we re-ran our jib downhaul and at sunset attempted to take a picture of a bird with the sky background.


No pictures of the sun rise or set on day-7, most likely because it was a sheet of overcast gray with no exciting colorful changes. However, we did have excitement- Chris bypassed the solenoid, the yogurt exploded out of the fridge, a pod of dolphin played around our boat, and flying fish launched themselves onto our deck.


This was the day of our nerve-wracking pilot whale encounter- unfortunately no pictures...

Boobie hitchhikers. As the sun came up, soon after this photo shoot, they all took flight and magically we managed to avoid any need for deck cleaning (or maybe the waves washing over the deck took care of it for us)... This night we passed a vessel fishing the seamounts of the Soccoro Islands and in the morning watched a finback whale cross our path.

DAY 10

This deceptively calm looking day was the day of the epic epicurean adventure with the extra salty and tossed tomato salad...

DAY 11
Really, did we actually wait this long before our first full cockpit shower?!

DAY 12
Moni's steering control line nearly chafed through- easy fix.

DAY 13
Finally found the North Pacific High (i.e. winds veering in our favor).

DAY 14

No sunrise shot this am, but instead showing Shawn as she spent much time- washing dishes... The evening shot was taken as our first squall approached. After we witnessed the effect (only 10-15-knot increase in winds and downpour of rain), we doused our 100% and downsized to our 80% for comfortable sailing throughout the night.

DAY 15
Halfway pizza party 1,405-nm from our outbound and inbound destinations!

DAY 16

Wrapped and ripped the drifter. Pilot whales peacefully surrounded us during this repair.

DAY 17
Close encounter with the cargo ship headed for NZ (<1-nm CPA). Once the sun rose, the sleigh ride toward Hawaii began.

DAY 18

Biggest mileage day (135-nm).

DAY 19
LOG!!! Tie for the biggest mileage day (gratefully we were not surfing down a wave when we met the log). Also initiated e-mail contact with veterinarian and State of HI to make appointments for Grizzly's projected arrival.

DAY 20
Some days have too many pretty pictures to choose just one... Idyllic drifter day #1.

DAY 21
Idyllic drifter day #2. After pulling down the drifter together and replacing it with the 80% for the night, Shawn put sail tape over a new tear (likely from pulling and shaking so many reefs) in the mains'l.

DAY 22

Another cargo ship (this time headed for Japan) and a hot pink sunset.

DAY 23
Jibed to port tack for the afternoon (80% and triple reefed mains'l). Also a glimpse of what it looks like down below underway viewed from our companionway. Note Chris sleeping in the port berth, Grizzly sleeping on the table (blue canvas cover provides protection for the table and something for her claws to sink into), our starboard berth is our garage, the V-berth up front is packed with food and gear held up there with a sail cloth...

DAY 24

Human-gimbal rolly polly continues. The moon is finally growing to light each night.

DAY 25
Another afternoon on port tack and e-mailed customs regarding our projected weekend arrival.

DAY 26

All remaining vegetables (with no plans for use before landfall) overboard and even a rainbow (though quite light in the picture). That's Shawn about to use a heart shaped jicama.

DAY 27
Also a short day of sailing (actually only 53-min in final calculations), this shows the squalls at sunrise and a glimpse of land with the rainbow over Hilo welcoming us to Hawaii.


  1. Marvellous pictures! You really did it! Prost!

    Love and Hugs,

  2. Awesome pics!! What an incredible journey. Someday... someday I'll hopefully enjoy that kind of adventure!