Friday, April 27, 2012

We love our Nor'West 33

As we continue to chip away at getting Tao prepared for another long journey, we would like to take a moment to sit back and bask. We each look around at our little floating world, and realize just how much we have put into this boat. Not only money, but sweat equity, time, and love. And we both understand that we have already gotten 10-fold in returns. We have learned about and attempted to adjust nearly every part of her. The education has been immense, gaining knowledge and experience (sometimes the hard way) as we go. Tao has been a patient teacher, solid in foundation, she has put up with us learning by trying different things. We have all grown together. So currently, as we weigh her down with provision after provision, we are grateful that Tao, Nor'West hull #10, found us so many years ago, excited and with a dream. And as always, with nervous anticipation, we think about the new unimaginable adventures unfolding before us. We enjoy each moment in safe harbor even more knowing it will soon end, and all the while, Tao strains against her mooring lines, eager to head out again to sea.

If you are interested in learning more details about our Nor'West 33 sloop, please check out our newly updated "Nor'West 33, Hull #10, Tao" tab.

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  1. Hey guys - just a shout out, saying hi! Thinking of you guys, we're four margaritas down tonight already here in Santa Cruz. Anyway, best o' luck on the new adventures.

    AMO & Bill