Thursday, November 8, 2012

Day 9- a thankfully mellow day

Time: 0100 Zulu noon New Cal (Fri 9 Nov)
Position: 24*26'S 160*36'E
Wind: ENE 15+ Seas: E 6-ft
Avg. Course: 260-deg T
Avg. Speed: 5.1-knots
Rig: storm jib and double-reefed mains'l
24-hr Distance noon to noon point: 122-nm
Distance to Brisbane: 428-nm

A much needed day with sunny skies and mellow seas and winds. Still, we're ticking miles off with our storm jib and mains'l. Chris ended up with a migraine during his afternoon watch, so we pumped him up with broth, tea, and saffron rice and bean quesadillas and sent him to bed. Evening watches were also mellow with a few squally looking clouds that spit a little rain and shifted winds a bit, but nothing big. Winds did start backing to the ENE with our approach to the west end of the High that has dominated our trip. Stars abound with the moon coming up later and smaller each night. Shawn is getting familiar with Taurus, Jupiter, and Orien rising in the E off our stern- even if Orien does come up feet first down here! And the glow of one fishing vessel was spotted off our starboard, though it never got too close. The wind shift has made it difficult to hold our course, so after a stellar sunrise, we jibed to starboard tack to get back to our route line by noon point. It has been nice that some of our cruising friends are underway, so making evening radio contact with them is a comfort. PacSea check ins and upload/downloads in the afternoons and listening to Gulf Harbor Radio in the mornings continue. Looks like we're faced with one more weather feature to get through, a ridge/front as a new High pressure moves in, likely early Sunday. We continue to savor every mellow moment we can and rest up for challenges ahead.

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