Friday, November 14, 2008

Provision, weather, provision, provision weather!

We know it’s time to sail because the first projects that we did are ready to be done again… So, instead of doing those projects and being at the dock for another season, we’re going sailing and we’ll do them at anchor as we can where the weather is sunny and warm. From the way Shawn is buying provisions, you’d think that nobody eats or cleans or does anything anywhere in the world except for Berkeley. Just one more trip to Berkeley Bowl, and Trader Joe’s, and the pet store, and… And Chris wouldn’t mind one more trip to Svendsen’s, West Marine and maybe Pineapple Sails too. Please let this weather window hold because we really can NOT fit another weeks worth of provisions on the boat. It’s time to get out there and experience what we really need instead of attempting to anticipate every possibility from the dock. Even though we’ve been planning this forever, there seem to still be millions of loose ends. So, a couple more full days running around town and we’ll be fully loaded (likely down to the water line) and will deal with the loose ends as they come- later. Thanks for all of your encouragement and please send good weather thoughts our way. Love you all!


  1. Good luck Chris and Shawn and Grizzly !!

    Love from Dad and Sarah and Jimmy and Skye

  2. Best of luck you two, and have fun!

  3. You two sure picked a wonderful morning to sail across a moonlit bay and out the gate. So happy for you!