Thursday, November 13, 2008

The rest of October and early November

Sail with Marie and Laura. It was so much fun to FINALLY get you both down here! Where, however, are we supposed to replace that amazing bottle of port?!

Chris and Moonshadow Dave just west of Alcatraz

Watching for cargo ships out past the gate

Fighting against a strong ebb tide to get back under the gate.

Shawn at the helm

Griz doing the navigating for us

Sunrise in San Pablo Bay

Riding the ebb tide back toward Berkeley

Red Rock and the San Raphael Bridge.

Grizzly scanning her territory from behind the main sheet and on top of the stowed dinghy.

Tao's home in Berkeley under a full moon rising.


  1. You see what a good view of Tao I had from Alma.

  2. Hey Chris and Shawn, Glad you enjoyed the Port wine. It came from Jodar Winery( - a small winery outside of Placerville, CA. Their Port wine comes out in August/September and usually sells out before the end of the year. Fair winds and good sailing, Marie