Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to Mexico!!!

Just a quick hello to everyone wondering how our trip south went. We made it!

After one last trip to our storage unit and packing Pepe full, we had a nice dinner with Dave and Anette, and hit the road to Mexico the next morning. Of course, as usual, our road was winding. We left LA Friday December 3rd and drove to Flagstaff (which is almost on the way to Mexico) to see our great friend from graduate school Angie. We had a fun evening and morning filling each other in on recent life and Angie helped us get some final printing done and one last important mailing before the USPS closed. That afternoon we left bound for Tucson. On our way we ran errands in Tempe making last stops at the hardware store, pet store, and outdoor gear store and then had a nice sushi dinner before heading the last hours to Tucson.

Sunday the 5th we made our final push to Mexico. After a one last stop to fill up gas and buy nibbles, we crossed the border at around noon and weren't even stopped for questioning about our loaded down vehicle! We made it to Marina Seca in San Carlos at sunset and Tao was awaiting our arrival in the work yard as promised. Several hours of craziness ensued to get the boat liveable, and finally home, we all slept well. Wish us luck as we buckle down for the next several weeks hard at work on upgrades for Tao while on the hard.


  1. Hey guys,
    That's so great that you are back on Tao--good luck getting back into the water and we'll be living through your adventures so keep up the blogging!
    We miss you and wish that we were there with you!
    j & j, Pisces

  2. We miss you more than you can imagine!!! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be a more frequent blogger, so we'll see how that goes... Much Love, Shawn