Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week one on-the-hard, Check!

Shawn and Griz taking a much needed break

Hey Crew! We have survived our first week on-the-hard. What have we been doing, you might dare to ask? We've been focused on everything "bottom," getting all work ready for handing over the bottom job to Marina Seca here in San Carlos. That means we've pulled everything out of our bow and the stern lazarettes in order to access points of improvement. (Where does all the stuff go? On deck of course...)

One of our main goals is to improve drainage and to do this we have:
(1) closed the original anchor locker drain (now below water line) which required Chris to do his first epoxy hull repair (he reglassed with 24 layers of fiberglass!), add added a new 1 1/2" through-hull much higher to drain from the anchor locker above it, which also got a new bigger drain
Chris in the V-berth, accessing underneath the anchor locker

(2) added two new 1 1/2" cockpit drains to the after portion of the cockpit
Chris doing crazy yoga moves to fit into the lazarette

(3) moved the engine exhaust from the bottom of the hull transom to the back of the transom to improve drainage and reduce the possibility of back flow, which required one new through-hull and some replumbing (still to do).
This is looking into the aftermost lazarette and obviously still needs to be plumbed, but the new engine exhaust is at the top (2"), the three on the bottom (all 1.5") are the automatic bilge pump, both cockpit drains, and the manual bilge pump T'd in.

At the same time, we have been chipping away at other projects. Most important to have ready when we splash is our anchoring system, so we have flipped the chain over and re-marked it for easy annual flipping. Another project that has been hanging over us, we have done everything possible to rebed the toe rail without actually removing it- i.e. removed all old caulking material on outside edge and inside edge, sanded, cleaned, taped, and recaulked with black Sika-Flex along both sides of the entire boat. We have also removed and rebed the few deck fittings that we had not yet done, epoxied numerous small areas, and have spent an inordinate amount of time reviving an old random orbital sander pad as there are apparently none available in all of Guaymas without purchasing a new sander. Currently, there is dust everywhere as Shawn decided to sand down the weather worn sole, Chris (sporting two different shoes as he managed to lose one of each along the trek down here) is on deck reattaching our windlass since the anchor locker improvements are done, Sergio from Marina Seca, is sanding the bottom, and Grizzly is trying to find a quiet dustless area (pretty much only happens at night, sorry 'niz).
Chris' work shoes

Any recommendations on what to seal our cabin sole with once we're done sanding? Most natural looking option possible while still protecting the wood...

During this year's bottom job, in addition to covering the boot stripe with bottom paint, we have decided to go all out and have the bottom resealed to avoid any possible blister problems and hopefully any big bottom work over the next years of cruising. Translated that means we will be in the yard (drum roll please...) another 10 days, that's until Christmas Eve. But don't worry, amid this work zone, we have tried to have a semblance of normal life by
organizing all of the food stores to enable easy cooking and designating the main salon a "safe" zone that is always easily transformable into a comfortable home. We've been eating okay, getting to bed early with the sun, and getting to work each morning by 8am. And it is nice to have a reliable and strong internet connection while here. That's it for now, time to get back to work!
Close up of very early stage blisters
What you're seeing is last years blue paint, previous red paint, and minuscule almost green blisters just possibly starting in the gelcoat underneath.

The Princess and her new pillow

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