Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Dolores River (10-day May12-22)

Bradfield put in

Night 1, Doe Camp

Night 2, Mile 14 camp. Chris' solo hike

Night 2, Mile 14 camp

Day 3 paddle raft


Morning day 4 just below Snaggletooth

Day 4 lunch on the island

Day 4- Chris hitching a ride with Dave

Day 4- Belinda followed by Craig and Anita

Night 4, Mile 56 camp

Day 5

Day 5- Bull Canyon hike Shawn, Chris & Belinda

Day 6

Day 6- Spring Canyon hike, Dave and Rich went ahead to meet Anette and Rena in Bedrock

Day 7- mile 110 arch hike

Find Craig!

Night 7 camp, Mile 120 Island

Day 8- Zip's morning hair

Day 8- Dave, Anette and the dogs found a nice shady spot to wait for the hikers.

Day 8- arch hike

Day 8- Chris and I missed the arch on the way by and found it from the back side!

Day 8- Pat, Janet and Sweetie

Day 8- Craig, Anita & Rena, Dave, Anette & the dogs, and Armando and Rich

Day 9- Scouting State Line

Day 9- State Line Rapid

Day 9- post State Line celebration on Dave's boat

Night 9- Mile 170 Cottonwood camp, Shawn and Chris found Beaver Creek to fill water bottles

Night 9- mile 170 happy campers

Day 10- Sweetie captaining the cataraft

Day 10- post fire Dewey Bridge

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