Saturday, June 7, 2008

March 2008- on the hard (aka haul out)

Chris cleaning the bottom of the boat before the haul out.

On the way to the haul out facility. Don't forget to attach the tiller!

Home on the hard for 3-weeks. Note the sanding machine in the foreground that I got very familiar with as I sanded the bottom to prep for new paint.

Under the galley sink, the old seacocks. In cleaning them, we found some pit corrosion and decided to replace all of them along with their connecting through hulls.

Chris grinding down the through hulls for removal.

Grizzly in our very full cockpit. The boat got VERY dirty being on land for 3-weeks.

After hauling out, we noticed that the rudder was weeping. The foam inside had disintegrated and filled with water (a common problem). We drilled holes in it and added acetone to drain it, and then filled the holes with epoxy. You've got to love those unforseen projects... Our rudder is super bomber now!

Chris managed to fit into our lazarette to work on the cockpit floor drains as well as the stuffing box for the rudder and propeller shaft.

Our neighbor Frank lent us his laser level. We used it to reset our boot stripe. I learned how subjective "level" really is. Thanks Frank!!
After grinding down the old bottom paint, I feathered out and epoxyed over any chips. We set the bottom of the boot stripe, and I went to town painting 3 coats of antifouling (aka toxic with copper) bottom paint.
Pulling the tape felt so good! Look at that straight line. While I was working on the bottom, Chris and his dad Dave were installing the Ham radio- you'll have to get details from them. Thanks for your help Dave!
Of course Grizzly helped with all of the work too...
Chris with the new cockpit floor drain through hulls.
Chris' mom, Jane, also came to visit while we were hauled out. We met Abe (Chris' step father), Abe's sister and her daughter (who happens to live in SF) at the Double Tree Hotel. It was fun to meet/catch up with you all! And dinner at Skates afterword was a treat!
Check out the shiny new boot stripe!
We installed "clam shells" over the cockpit floor drains to hopefully improve drainage out of the cockpit.
Just in case you wanted to see it... this is below the cockpit floor where Chris packed the rudder and propeller shaft stuffing boxes.
After 3-weeks of solid work, it was finally moving day again.
Check out the beautifully buffed and shiny girl! Tao's keel touches the water with Cree (owner of BMC) looking on. The Berkeley Marine Center was amazingly helpful, letting us do our own work but providing an amazing knowledge base. Thanks so much for your patience with all of our questions!
She still floats- all of our new through hulls hold tight. And the boot stripe even follows the water line!! Phew!
Griz is happy to be back on the water without projects cluttering her space for a while.

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