Saturday, June 7, 2008

February 2008 Projects

Our homemade prayer flags viewed from down below up through the new hole in our deck.

On deck, we're almost ready to mount the Dorad boxes. These are used to separate water and air. This allows us to get ventilation while underway without worrying too much that a huge wave will end up down below.

We worked late to mount the boxes and guard rails so we could go sailing the next day. Aren't they beautiful?! (just say yes)

Our "pillow". Chris created this for the bow of our boat so when we lower anchor it doesn't take a chunk out of the boat. He used a piece of the hugest truck tire I've ever seen (many tools were broken while making it the right size) and then covered it with a water proof padding material to keep the tire from marking the boat. It looks a little funny, but it'll work for now and was less of a project than adding a bow sprit. However, new improved ideas for this are already on the way.

The Nor'West was designed in a way that water pools up in the forward part of the cockpit seats. We've dealt with this by adding cockpit seat drains.

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