Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays 2008!!

2008 Wow, what a year! I hope this note finds you all happy and healthy. We’ve spent so long preparing and have finally started heading south on our great sailing adventure! Early year was spent living aboard, sailing, and outfitting Tao. May through July saw a quick river season including a Dolores River trip with Chris’ dad and then Chris to Idaho with his Canyons family and Shawn to Utah with a new family- Outward Bound. In August, we headed back to the boat in Berkeley to tie up all the loose ends. This included final upgrades to Tao, finding a home for our car stuffed full of our remaining non-sailing belongings, attending friend’s weddings, and visiting family in AZ, NY, OR and HI. All in all it took about three months and on November 15th we finally threw off the dock lines! We immediately ran into unforeseen excitement and although we have been unable to follow any schedule that we originally intended, we have continued south. We’ve realized that going with the flow means being ultimately flexible and open to whatever the Universe decides to present. So, we’re on “ocean time” now, living by the weather and exploring southern California and the Channel Islands from the sea. We’re still heading south to Mexico and hope to ring in the New Year there, but it’s taking a bit longer than anticipated as there is so much amazing to see (and surf) along the way. When we have internet connection we are doing our best to update the blog with stories and pictures. Armed with a new Christmas present, you can check the last 7-days of position reports on a map at the SPOT website (
Love and Best Wishes in 2009! Tao and her crew of Chris, Shawn, Grizzly (best sailor of the bunch), Eeyore (our dinghy), Rocky (our anchor) and Moni (our Monitor windvane).

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