Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday Craziness

We pushed off from Ventura Harbor early on December 7th to resume our southern course. We had a beautiful run, gybing along the coast with Chris pointing out places he spent his youth surfing and cavorting. We pulled around Point Dume with fresh winds in the late afternoon, did a "sail by" of Paradise Cove and came around again to sail onto anchor off the pier outside of thick kelp gardens. Although similar in layout to Cojo anchorage, houses and lights dominated the landscape here. Still, amazing (and relatively inaccessible from land) surfing was to be had so we spent another whole day before weighing anchor early on the 9th to head south on what turned out to be a sunny, beautiful, mellow sail across Santa Monica Bay. Just as the sun drifted below the horizon, we set our stern and bow anchors inside the breakwall at King Harbor in Redondo Beach California. This is one of the few marinas that offers anchoring possibilities in the area and is also very close to Chris' Dad Dave and stepmother Anette's home in Palos Verdes. As we drifted to sleep in the calm harbor waters we thought we'd be visiting for 4 days or so.

When we awoke, Dave showed up and we were immediately swept back into land-life which was brimming with holiday craziness. Many thanks to Dave and Anette for much visiting, the loan of a car and an open home as well as King's Harbor for permitting us to extend our stay well past the allotted 3-nights. Now after 9-days of running around getting Christmas projects done, spending money like drunken sailors, visiting with old high school buddies (ROB!) and family, two gales, a 20-degree drop in temperature, several egret bird poop removal sessions, many sunsets as well as a whole lotta’ rain later, we're planning to head out again in the morning. Although we can’t promise anything (or won’t since we’re learning that plans will likely change), the current plan is to head out to Catalina Island for a few days and then back toward mainland around Newport Beach for final provisioning for Mexico. It sure is exciting not knowing exactly where we’ll be for Christmas proper. We’ll be thinking of all of you and will send updates as we can.


  1. It was SOOOOO great to see you guys (and meet you, Shawn)! I hope you have some mind-blowing adventures out there sailing the seven seas...well, one or two seas at least.

    Your hospitality is unmatched, and I would still like to treat you to libations next time you're in range. Maybe Newport? I was an OC boy for a while, I know my way around! Gimme a call.

    Peace and blessings....

  2. Sounds like slow going with so many great places to stop! Merry Christmas to you two and hopefully your Mexico Christmas will be as good as ours looks to be.

    I thought of you both today as Jen and I swam in the Bay at Zihuatenejo, MX and several sailboats were anchored in the Bay. I am sure you will stop here and never want to leave with the surfing, the food and the wonderful feeling.

    Talk soon, and sail safely.

  3. i love that picture of you guys with ledy and angie, as well as that awesome one of chris in the hammock, though sad there were a few drops on the lens where his face was supposed to be (maybe we're better off that way anyway, not having to look at that nirvanic mug! :) heehee. looks like you're getting some sunshine, at least. we're with snow snow snow all over, so i'll post some piccies soon to share our snow adventures with skye. love to you both, sarah

  4. Hey guys,
    It was great to meet you guys at Cat Harbor, we'll be keeping our eye out for Tao as we putter along the coast!
    After spending that lovely week at Cat Harbor, San Diego is really hectic (the channel was full of sailing, motoring, fishing, and anchored boats yesterday and included the schooner Californian and an America's cup boat!)
    Sail safe and stay in touch, Julia and Jacob

  5. Happy New Year! Sounds and looks like you are enjoying your voyage. I Love the pictures here. Thanks for the gift you sent. I love it. We love you. Stay safe and we'll see ya when we see ya. Ang